Zombie Trail Paintball

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many rounds of ammo do I get?
A. You will get 100 rounds to start.  Additional ammo is available on the trailer for $5 per 50 rounds.

Q. Will I get shot at?
A. No the zombies cannot shoot back but shoot them before they reach the trailer because we all know what they like to eat.

Q. Payment options?
A. We accept visa, mastercard, and cash at the ticket booth.  Additional paintballs purchased on the trailers are cash only.

Q. Is weather an issue for you to operate?
A. Yes.  If there has been rain that day, check our facebook page or call us.

Q. Discounts?
A. Everyone who likes us on facebook will get a discount code for a particular night.  There may be other coupons so check our pages regularly.

Q. Denied Access?
A. We do not want to ask anyone to leave or escort you off the site, however it is our right to deny anyone access if they have not followed the Rules or Policies.  Here are some things that will have zero tolerance: alcohol, drugs, smoking, weapons, fighting, obscene behavior, argument with staff or other patrons, etc.